Andrew Yang Files Paperwork to Explore New York City Mayoral Run

Tech entrepreneur would join crowded field of Democrats vying for city’s top spot



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Andrew Yang built a national profile during his bid to be the Democratic presidential candidate in the 2020 election.



Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang has filed paperwork with New York City’s campaign finance board to explore a run for mayor.


Mr. Yang filed with the board on Wednesday. The paperwork is the first official step in beginning a campaign. It allows him to enroll in a city program that matches campaign donations, a board spokesman said.


A person close to the tech entrepreneur said he is still deciding if he will run in the 2021 race, but filing with the board is required. He isn’t currently fundraising or accepting money toward any future campaign, the person said.

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Mr. Yang, a Manhattan resident, would join a crowded field of candidates vying to be the next mayor of the nation’s largest city.

The city’s 2021 mayoral race will be the first to use ranked-choice voting, which allows voters to rank their favorite candidates instead of voting for just one. The Democratic primary will be held June 22, and the victor is likely to win the general election in the largely blue city.

New York City has struggled to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic. More than 24,000 city residents were confirmed or believed to have died from Covid-19.

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While many New Yorkers are expected to have received a vaccine for the virus by the time the next mayor is sworn on Jan. 1, 2022, the city will still likely face a $4 billion revenue gap, a struggling economy and a central business district that has been transformed by remote working during the pandemic.

Mr. Yang built a national profile during his bid to be the Democratic presidential candidate in the 2020 election. He pitched a universal basic income of $1,000 a month for every American, which he called the Freedom Dividend. Although he was never a front-runner in the primary, he was consistently popular in polls and qualified for several debates through large fundraising.

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As a presidential candidate, Mr. Yang considered himself a political outsider. But he courted a strong group of supporters who called themselves the “Yang Gang.” The group urged the media to devote more coverage to Mr. Yang during his campaign.

Mr. Yang has just recently expressed an interest in local politics, and hadn’t been inspired by candidates in previous mayoral races, the person close to him said. He hasn’t voted in recent mayoral elections, according to the city Board of Elections records.

Mr. Yang lives in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood with his wife and two children, one of whom attends local public schools. A son who has autism attends a private school.


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