CHESTER — A food delivery driver was shot while making a drop off at an address in the 1200 block of Crosby Street in Chester late Saturday afternoon.

The victim identified by police as Yuanbing Guo, who was making a delivery for No. 1 China, 1701 Providence Road when he was shot. The victim was taken to Crozer-Chester Medical Center where Chester police and Delaware County Criminal Investigation Division began an investigation.

Police located a crime scene at the above location and detectives identified a 16 year-old female as the shooter. She was arrested and charged as an adult for attempted homicide and related offenses. The suspect was arraigned by District Judge Steven Sandone and bail was set at $750,000 cash. She is currently being housed at George W. Hill Correctional Facility. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for Jan. 31.

The investigation was led by Detective Brian Pot who credited the work of fellow detectives on the intense investigation.


郭远兵,外卖郎, 滨州送餐归来,身中9枪,手术三次,重度昏迷当中, 命悬一线!



2022年1月15日下午5时许, 在 PA 滨州Chester市Delaware County, 13  Street  200 号, 靠近B street , 安徽籍外卖郎郭远兵, 送完外卖,开车门, 进入自己的车中,准备回餐馆, 突然遭到一个黑人少年,16岁, 女性,持枪扫射,身体中了9枪。

当时,他还是非常坚强,把车开到Chester,PA  餐馆 ,

餐馆老板看到全身是血的郭远兵, 都惊呆了, 赶快报警, 赶快把郭远兵,送到位于14街道的 No.1, Medical  Center ! 

 郭远兵, 腿部, 胸部, 臀部, 膀胱部和腰部和肾部, 全部中枪, 共中了9枪!

截至到今天, 郭远兵, 在医疗中心,进行了三次手术,结肠打穿了, 可能还有进行第4次手续, 目前郭远兵,, 仍然处于重度昏迷之中.. 

据悉, 郭远兵,是安徽人,  出生于1978年6月11日, 来自徽省滁州市来安县, 妻子是河南人信阳人.  目前妻子在河南信阳家中悲痛欲绝, 家中有一个儿子16岁, 在读中学, 有一个女儿,刚满周岁.

遭遇此大难, 全家处于水深火热之中!

餐馆老板,希望旅美安徽同乡会, 能够出面, 联系河南美东同乡会和其他兄弟社团和侨团, 主张正义, 声讨犯罪行为,声援郭远兵, 同时,能够发动捐款!帮助郭远兵全家人,减轻经济困难和所遭受的痛苦!


ZXQ Court 02

Guo Yuanbing, food delivery driver , and at Chester, PA ,   returned from delivering food. They were shot 9 times and underwent three operations. They were in a severe coma. Their lives are on the line!
PA  Report of the newspaper's Communication Group:
At about 5 p.m. on January 15, 2022, at No. 200, 13th Street, Delaware County, Chester, Pennsylvania, near B street, Guo Yuanbing, a takeaway worker from Anhui, drove the door and entered his car after delivering the takeaway. He was about to go back to the restaurant. Suddenly, he was attacked by a black teenager, 16 years old, female, armed with a gun and shot 9 times in the body.
At that time, he was still very strong and drove the car to Chester, PA. ,
The restaurant owner was stunned when he saw Guo Yuanbing covered in blood. He quickly called the police and sent Guo Yuanbing to No. 14 Street. 1, Medical Center !
Guo Yuanbing was shot in the leg, chest, buttocks, bladder, waist and kidney, all of which were shot, a total of 9 shots!
As of today, Guo Yuanbing, in the medical center, has undergone three operations and penetrated his colon. There may be a fourth procedure. At present, Guo Yuanbing,, is still in a severe coma. .
It is reported that Guo Yuanbing, a native of Anhui, was born on June 11, 1978, from Lai'an County, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province. His wife is from Xinyang, Henan. At present, my wife is distraught at home in Xinyang, Henan. There is a 16-year-old son in the family who is in middle school and a daughter who has just turned one year old.
Encountering this catastrophe, the whole family is in dire straits!
The restaurant owner hopes that the Anhui Association of Fellow Expats traveling to the United States can come forward and contact the Henan Meidong Association of Fellow Expats and other fraternal associations and overseas Chinese groups to advocate for justice, denounce criminal acts, and show solidarity with Guo Yuanbing. At the same time, donations can be made! Help Guo Yuanbing's family to alleviate financial difficulties and suffering!